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Submitted by Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur, Chairperson, ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation



The Sharjah Cooperative Society (SCS) was established in 1977, upholding the tradition of its citizens and cooperative mutualism in Sharjah. SCS is the first cooperative Institution established in the region according to the Khaleej Times, it is one of the first and oldest Cooperatives in the UAE.


Matters on promoting youth participation in co-operatives were discussed with the Honourable Mr. Majid Salim Al Jenaid, the General Manager of SCS, who agreed to help push for development of youth in co-operatives in Sharjah, and other parts of UAE, Asia etc.


Later I was given a tour of 2 branches of SCS which are located in Sharjah. Each branch was running under the standardized format provided by SCS. Each branch had its own unique selling point and its own branch name. Meeting with the branch managers was splendid, it helped me learn about how the markets work, and how consumer cooperatives are playing a role in the economic development of Sharjah.