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The Asia Pacific Unit under the Partnership is comprised of 5 staff members working on policy and advocacy, research, management, finance and communications.  The Asia Pacific Regional Director is part of the Strategy Unit of the program. The Grant Oversight Committee, headed by the Alliance President, is the overarching body that oversees the smooth operation of the program.


Under the Partnership, ICA-AP has 3 strategic priorities - Participation of co-operatives in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development (SDGs), Role of co-operatives in building an inclusive society (Focus: Youth), and Membership and ownership structures in co-operatives led by workers and artisans (Work and Ownership).


As part of essential quality-control and monitoring the progress of the project, a Results Oriented Monitoring (ROM) review of the Partnership was undertaken which covered all regional ICA offices. A ROM review assesses the status of a project through review of project documents and consultation with all parties involved.   It looks at progress in activities undertaken and results delivered (outputs and direct outcomes) and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the project implementation. The ROM assists the Operational Managers (OM) in DEVCO (the International Cooperation and Development arm of the EC) and project Partners in dealing with questions and problems that have emerged, proposing solutions and revising approaches and, where relevant, adapting to changing circumstances.


Ms. Justyna Bielat visited the ICA-AP office in New Delhi from December 5-7. The review process involved one-on-one meetings with staff members working under the Partnership, and visit and Skype conversation with ICA members involved in the project.  She was interested to know the vision motivating the activities, including trainings, co-operative development meetings, as well as visibility initiatives.  Ms. Bielat was pleased with the co-ordination and the range of activities undertaken by the team. She offered pointers to further strengthen the work, as well as advice on how to move forward.