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The following research initiatives have been undertaken as part of the ICA-EU Partnership, to strengthen the cooperative movement and its capacity to promote international development. 




The mapping research seeks to collect consistent and reliable data on the situation of co-operatives   in every region and across sectors by applying a common methodology. The survey will be carried out through an online questionnaire and the results by country published in a dynamic online database.

The objective is to provide an accurate picture of the movement to both cooperators and external stakeholders, and use this to reinforce policy, capacity building, visibility and networking activities. The Asia-Pacific regional office has recently started this exercise on a pilot basis with ICA members in Iran and Philippines.


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Legal Framework Analysis


This research aims to provide co-operative organisations with concrete tools for their advocacy. The objectives are threefold:  acquire general knowledge of the national legislation on co-operatives as well as of supranational cooperation legislation; evaluate the national jurisdictions covered based on a scale of their “co-operative friendliness”; and provide recommendations for eventual renewal of the legal frameworks in place. This process is proposed to be piloted by the ICA-AP office in the Kyrgyz Republic and in Vanuatu, using commonly agreed methodological tools. Regional and national experts will be engaged to carry out the work.


Global Thematic Research on Youth 


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The goal of this research is to highlight how co-operatives can benefit the youth and seek ways to enhance the inclusion, opportunities and empowerment offered by cooperatives to young people – especially by conveying suggestions stemming from the youth themselves. We have completed the design and approval of qualitative instruments (surveys, interviews) at the centralised level. The next step is the collection of information from youth in member countries.   


Regional Thematic Research on Work and Ownership


A thematic research on Exploring Work and Ownership Structures in Co-operatives in the Asia-Pacific has been initiated with CICOPA (the International Organization of Industrial and Service Cooperatives). The research will look into the status of industrial and service co-operatives (ISCs), and in the process map work-based co-operatives and ISCs in the region. The research will also highlight the legal environment these co-ops operate in, as well as describe the various forms of prevailing co-operative ownership structures. The publication will be carried in a collaborative manner with contributions sought in the form of country/area specific reports authored by interested institutions and individuals. Stage 1 of the research viz., Call for partners and agreement on types of co-operatives to be studied, is close to completion. We shall now move on to Stage 2 of the research – Context analysis and critical analysis on organisational models.


We would be glad to provide you further information if you have any question about the ongoing research. Please write to Mr. Mohit Dave at