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Initial impression of Bo Wang, Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Candidate, University of British Columbia


I was kindly received by the Telangana State Co-operative Apex Bank (TSCAB) and its member co-operatives where I conducted field research on financial co-operatives (FCs) with the facilitation by ICA-AP and the University of British Columbia. The research aims to examine the best practices of compliance with the Seven Principles of Co-operation among FCs in India and identify opportunities for FCs to realize their potential in delivering sustainable development to the communities they serve.



Visit to Karimnagar DCCB


During my interactions with board members and senior management from TSCAB, two DCCBs, and two primary societies – all of which have been very successful in terms of their operation and businesses, I was amazed by their awareness and faith in the Seven Principles, especially democratic member control and autonomy and independence.  Moreover, TSCAB and the two DCCBs have very competent management team even compared to their counterparts in commercial banks. I was most impressed by the comprehensive training programs and good facilities for employees, offered by TSCAB with the financial support from its financing agency, National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).


It is certain that FCs like TSCAB and its member co-operatives will continue to play an indispensable role in India’s financial inclusion movement. However, with their co-operative nature, TSCAB and its DCCBs will need to take on more social missions in addition to surviving the competition with commercial banks. I hope my research in the coming months will help prepare TSCABs and even other FCs to embrace these challenges so that they can make both their businesses and their communities thrive.