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The 5th meeting of the ICA-AP Research Committee was held at Feyz Hall, IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran on November 27, 2018.


The meeting began with a welcome note by the Chairperson of the Committee, Dr. Kurimoto. He expressed happiness about the successful completion of the research conference and then requested the Vice Chair, Dr. T. Paranjothi to preside over, the proceedings of the meeting.


Dr. T. Paranjothi welcomed all the members of the Committee and also Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, the Regional Director of ICA-AP to the meeting. He opined that the conference organized by the research committee had attracted a diverse group of researchers from different countries of the region. Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, stressed upon the need for a road map for the research committee with specific targets. He  said there was need to  bring more researchers in the area of co-operatives; In order to facilitate this, the Constitution of the Research Committee was amended and Associate members can be enrolled in the Committee.


AGENDA 1: Confirmation of the Agenda


The Secretary of the Committee, Mr. Mohit Dave, read out the agenda and sought confirmation of the members. The members unanimously agreed to the agenda and confirmed the same.


AGENDA 2: Confirmation of the proceedings of the previous meeting


The proceedings of the 4th meeting of the Research Committee, which was already circulated to all the members through email, were presented to the committee. The committee endorsed and accepted the proceedings.


AGENDA 3: Discussion on having more participation in the forthcoming conferences


It was observed that in the last 10 years, participation in conferences was led by India, with less participation from other countries. Young Researchers need to be involved in the field of co-operatives. A live databank of PhD scholars from across the region was proposed to be developed with the help of office bearers and committee members which can be used to constantly engage with prospective participants for research conferences. More fellowships and young researcher awards need to be offered to incentivise young researchers to submit papers and participate actively. For smooth coordination in each country, a contact person was proposed and agreed from among the participants of this meeting, with a target to achieve 10 abstracts per country for the next conference.


AGENDA 4: Devise a plan to operationalise the Strategy Base Paper, adopted in the 2016 Delhi meeting of the committee


Dr. Paranjothi explained that the strategy of the committee in the coming years would be on expanding membership, attracting young researchers, fundraising, networking with other research organizations, publishing a dedicated research journal and developing researchers' database and co-operative database. The draft paper was discussed in detail and unanimously accepted in the meeting held in Delhi in 2016. It was also felt that the office bearers and members of the committee should devise plans to operationalize the strategy.


AGENDA 5: Report on the current status of the publication project


Dr. T. Paranjothi informed that associate member Dr. C. Pitchai (India) has already proofread the compilation of the conference held in Delhi and by December 2018, the two volume publication would be initiated with the support of NCUI, India and ICA-AP. Associate member Dr. R. Manjula (India) has been tasked with editing of the 2017 Seoul conference edition and the publication will be completed by April 2019.



AGENDA 6: Discussion on 1st ICA-AP Workshop on the Status of Co-operative Education in 2019


The members agreed-in-principle for the need to have a status report on co-operative education in the region and suggested names of a few institutes that can be engaged for the captioned workshop. The office bearers are requested to  develop the concept note and plan of action for the same to be discussed further.


AGENDA 7: Date and Venue of the next meeting


Prof. Kurimoto informed that Australia has come forward to host the next research conference in 2019. Prof. Paranjothi also proposed India as one of the potential hosts for the conference. It was unanimously agreed that the office bearers after consultation with the stakeholders should fix the conference date and venue.


The meeting ended with the Chairperson Dr. Kurimoto thanking all the members for their co-operation in the smooth conduct of the activities of the committee. All the members joined in congratulating the office bearers and hoped that the research activities in the field of co-operatives would find new vigour in the years to come.