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Jordan Co-operative Corporation (JCC), Jordan



The Jordan Co-operative Corporation (JCC) is an independent organisation formed by the government which supervises the co-operative sector (societies and unions) and works to raise the economic, social, cultural and local communities. They promote self-reliance to achieve the social and economic benefits of co-operatives. Established in 1959, JCC joined ICA in April 2018 and has a membership of 1605 co-operatives.



Rah-e-Roshd Cooperative Educational Complex (CRC), Iran



In 1983, Rah-e-Roshd educational complex started its activities as a kindergarten. It was co-founded by teachers, most women. Ten years later, they converted to a teacher’s co-operative as it would serve their ideals better. Their members have expanded to parents who admired the learning approaches of the school and the difficulties the teachers had been through. Some university professors with ideas in learning methods became members later. They have 2,000 students, 620 employees (140 are members) and recently united all related educational co-ops into an alliance.  


With the addition of JCC and CRC, the total membership of ICA-AP now stands at 101 members from 32 countries!