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ICA-AP welcomes its new members, Heilongjiang Guhe Cooperative Association from China and Co-operative Development Authority from the Philippines. The total number of members of ICA-AP stands at 98 from 30 countries.


Heilongjiang Guhe Cooperative Association (Guhe), China



Heilongjiang Guhe Cooperative Association belongs to Guhe Agriculture Group and specializes in agriculture financial services and farm planting. Guhe Association aggregates high-quality financial +planting +agriculture materials industry supply chain resources, relying on the supply chain, financial advantages, with hundreds of quality financial resources.  Guhe Coop works to enhance members sense of belonging, strengthen the cohesion of the Association and members, reduce loan risks, scale agriculture, and increase production. At present, it consists of 31 professional farmer cooperatives and 173 individual members. More information on Guhe Coop can be found at:


Co-operative Development Authority (CDA), the Philippines



CDA is a government agency created pursuant to Republic Act No. 6938 in fulfilment of Section 15 Article XII of the Philippine Constitution which mandates the creation of an agency that would promote the viability and growth of co-operatives as instruments of equity, social justice and sustainable economic development. As of December 2016, there were 26,599 registered cooperatives with estimated 14 million individual members across the country, contributing a withholding tax amounting to Php6.4 billion. CDA joins ICA as an Associate Member. More information on CDA at: