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The Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine (ESDC) is a Palestinian results and rights based development-oriented NGO established in 2003. ESDC works to improve the institutional capacities of cooperatives and CBOs and their members through providing them with training, advisory services, material support and other related services. Some of the key focus areas for ESDC include:


Rural Women Empowerment

ESDC understands the importance of increased women participation at the social, economic and political level for the development of a just Palestinian society. For that reason, ESDC works to enhance the role of rural women participation in their local cooperative and CBOs, contributing to their social and economic empowerment, starting with their active participation in identifying their and the community’s needs. Further, ESDC strives to guide cooperatives and CBOs to provide an enabling environment for women’s participation in the cooperative and CBO. Women, through their cooperative or CBO, receive theoretical and practical training as well as necessary inputs in order for them to provide relevant services and goods for their members and community so as to improve their economic and social standing within the society.


Transfer of Knowledge

ESDC strongly believes that one of the most effective learning tools among cooperatives and CBOs is exchange visits. ESDC coordinates exchange visits amongst cooperatives and CBOs to facilitate transfer of  knowledge. ESDC links cooperatives with CBOs when one is considering an economic initiative that the other has tried-either succeeding or failing- in order for them to make a more thought out decision. These visits also give the cooperatives and CBOs new ideas for maintaining their respective organizations.


Engagement of Youth



At the ESDC Summer Camp. Image credit: ESDC


ESDC conducts a Cooperative Summer Camp every summer for a period of one week. This summer camp targets young girls for a week of fun, games and relaxation, and most importantly, the specific message of cooperatives; with all the activities revolving around cooperative thought. In this way, ESDC is helping to create a generation of youth who are well aware of the importance and thought of cooperatives. It is worth mentioning that ESDC created a Cooperative Summer Camp manual specifically for this yearly event.


Year of affiliation to ICA: 2014

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