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A still from the trailer capturing the Coopérative Toudarte, Morocco. (Picture credit: AroundTheWorld Twitter handle)


The ICA-EU Partnership along with two prolific film-makers from Italy, Sara Vicari and Andrea Mancori, will work jointly on the “Around The World” project. The initiative is the brain-child of the association ‘’, and it aims at collecting and documenting stories of co-operatives around the world having contributed to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development by using creative and innovative methods. The final aim is to contribute to the visibility of the impact of the cooperative model on the improvement of people’s wellbeing, raise awareness on the role of collective action develop by co-operatives and share knowledge on methodologies for participatory action research with co-operatives. The film-makers will travel across different continents capturing inspiring examples of co-operatives through short video films and case studies.


The trailer of the first co-operative to be covered by the Project is out and can be viewed here