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Korea Federation of University Cooperatives (KFUC) held its General Assembly on December 19, 2017. The theme for the General assembly was “Building Cooperative Society with members, and through members.”



Ms. Jin-ah Kim, new President of KFUC


The Student Committee’s annual project, “what we want to do with University cooperative” was presented along with its Report. This is the result of Focus Group Interviews and a Survey where more than 1,000 students participated, from about 10 universities. The report contains students’ opinions on business operations, and activities in six categories with 28 detailed action plans.  


Among the six agenda items, KFUC held its presidential election as well. For the first time in the history of the Federation, a student president has been elected. Ms. Jin-ah Kim, in the past, has served as a Board member and as an auditor of Soongsil University; one of KFUC’s members. She has also completed an internship program with KFUC. For KFUC, Ms. Kim’s appointment is an opportunity to broaden students' involvement not only in programs but also in policy and decision-making processes. They believe that through her leadership, they can build nationwide student networks and resolve issues of commercialization in universities.