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Mr. Toru Nakaya


JA-Zenchu (Central Union of Agricultural Co-operatives), the apex body of Japan's agricultural co-operative movement, appointed Mr. Toru Nakaya as its new President on 10th August during its General Assembly.


Mr. Nakaya, who was previously the President of the Wakayama Prefectural Union of Agricultural Cooperatives, takes over from Mr. Choe Okuno. Mr. Nakaya has been both a Board Member as well as the Vice-President of JA-Zenchu in the past. He has also held the position of President of JA Kinan, his local primary cooperative, which is located in an area that produces a variety of agricultural products, including the famous Japanese apricots (“umes”) and mandarin oranges.


He has been part of panels at prestigious conferences and forums like the International Cooperative Summit 2016 in Quebec, Canada, and the conference on ‘Co-operatives: Empowering people for sustainable development and zero hunger” held in Milan, Italy in July 2015,


JA-Zenchu will hold an inauguration party on the 5th of September to introduce the new President to a broad range of people, including co-operators, officials of related companies, politicians, government officials, media, etc. We at ICA- Asia and Pacific wish him all the best in his new role!