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The India International Cooperatives Trade Fair (IICTF) was organized by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) and supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India and cooperative federations from October 11 to 13. The IICTF was the first of its kind trade fair to be organized in India and was attended by 35, 000 participants from 30+ countries. ICA-AP participated in the trade fair by setting up a stall to promote its activities and display its publications on themes like cooperative law, gender, and cooperative development. The stall was visited by many participants including Registrars and Joint Registrars from cooperative departments, Managing Directors from various national and state apex federations, representatives from primary cooperatives and visiters from outside the cooperative ecosystem. This was an opportunity for ICA-AP to share its publications, its long-standing work and advocacy on cooperatives, and spread awareness about the model.



Crowds flocking to the ICA-AP stall at the IICTF 2019.



The IICTF also hosted a series of thematic panel discussions on topics like youth and women empowerment through cooperatives, globalization of cooperative trade, big data and cyber security and cooperatives, amongst others. ICA-AP participated as a knowledge partner for the thematic panel on youth and gender empowerment through cooperatives. Mrs. Savitri Singh, Program Director, ICA-AP made a presentation about the current scenario of youth and gender equality in the Asia Pacific region, the lack of data, and the myriad ways through which ICA-AP has been advocating for greater inclusion of young people and women within cooperatives.



Mrs. Savitri Singh delivers her presentation during the session on youth and women empowerment through cooperatives.