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Two new members, one each from India and South Korea recently joined ICA-AP.  The total members from the Asia-Pacific region stands at 107 from 33 countries!



The International Solidarity of Korea Cooperatives (ISKC) from South Korea has joined as a full Member.  ISKC is a new coalition of cooperative associations established in 2008 by three ICA members, the Korea Federation of Worker Cooperatives, Dure Consumer's Cooperative Union, and the Korea Federation of University Cooperative, as well as one additional association. They formed this association in order to collectively cooperate with the ICA. The purpose is international solidarity for the Korean social and economy organisations, and to formulate and act for solidarity organisation. More details about the organization can be found on their Website



The Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society Ltd. (ULCCS LTD) from India has joined as a full Member. ULCCS hails from Kozhikode in the Malabar region in North Kerala, India. ULCCS has been acknowledged as the best Labour Co-operative Society in India by the Indian Co-operative Congress 2013, National Labour Co-operative Federation of India and National Co-operative Development Corporation. ULCCS has redefined the role the working class can play in national development, while emerging as a global model to the labour movement.  It has grown today as a name synonymous with quality, workmanship, precision and efficiency in construction work, especially that of roads and bridges in Kerala.