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Platform cooperative-ism is a growing international movement that aims to build a fairer future of work. Rooted in democratic ownership, co - op members, technologists, unionists, and freelancers create a concrete near - future alternative to the so - called extractive sharing economy. Countless platform co - ops and initiatives supporting them have developed rapidly over the past few years. This ecosystem challenges the practices of the “sharing economy” and the ‘win - at - all - costs’ culture. The co-operative platform ecosystem ranges from alternative financing models, labour brokerages for nurses, massage therapists, and cleaners, to co-operatively owned online marketplaces, and data - protection platforms for patients.


The ICA-AP in collaboration with the Kerala Start-Up Mission and the Uralungal Technologies Ltd., will organize a 48 - hour co-operative hackathon (or a Coopathon) to allow vibrant minds to work on solutions (based on the co-op model) to tackle some of the 21st century challenges facing the co - operative platform ecosystem. 20 participants from across the region will work on addressing challenges facing the regional cooperative movement. The idea is to have four multi - stakeholder teams of up to five members each (academicians, researchers, policy - experts, co - operators, incubators, technology enthusiasts etc. on each team) deliberating on the shortlisted problem statements.