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The ICA-EU Partnership on Co-operatives in Development (People Centered Businesses in Action) is in its second year. One of the key results the 54 months project expects to achieve is an enhanced interaction and engagement of co-operative actors with European Union Delegations (EUDs) in their respective countries and regions. Following our interactions with EUDs in India, Kyrgyz Republic, Nepal and Sri Lanka, the ICA-AP reached out to EUD to the Philippines on 8 September, and to Jordan and Mongolia on 5 October and 25 October respectively. Mr. Xavier Canton-Lamousse, Project Manager (Operations) and Mr. Giovanni Serritella, Programme Manager (Environment and Climate Change) from the EUD to the Philippines met the AP Unit represented by Ms. Anam Mittra and Mr. P. Santosh Kumar along with Mr. Daniel Ang, CEO, Philippine Co-operative Center and Ms. Lasalette Gumban, Project Officer, NATCCO and discussed the scope and potential of co-operatives in the Philippines, especially in the context of promoting youth participation. Ms. Gumban explained the work of NATCCO and the Aflatoun International in mobilizing students across the country to form co-operatives.      


The AP unit also met with Ms. Hala Doudin, Programme Manager (Human Rights, Civil Society and Governance) of the EUD to Jordan along with Mr. Akram Al-Taher, Executive Director, Economic and Social Development Center of Palestine and apprised her team about the sub regional Co-operative Development meeting that was organized in February 2017. The discussions centred around the role co-operatives play in building societies while engaging communities. The need to analyse the country’s legal framework affecting co-operatives was identified by the EUD as one of work areas that ICA-AP and its members could focus on. Mr. Marco Ferri, Minister Counsellor (Political Section) EUD to China and Mongolia attended the opening session of the sub-regional co-operative development meeting for East Asian countries on 25 October 2017 in Ulan Bator, Mongolia. Mr. Ferri talked about the EU Consensus on Development as the most important EU instrument for development for the next 15 years and that, the document recognized co-operatives as key actors to deliver positive change in our society, especially in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).