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A bilateral meeting between the ILO Country Office in India (and the Decent Work Team for South Asia) and the ICA Asia and Pacific (ICA-AP) to discuss organizational work and future collaboration took place on 9 October 2018. The newly appointed Director of the ILO in India, Ms. Dagmar Walter along with Mr. Kelvin Sergeant, Enterprise Specialist and Ms. Sudipta Bhadra, National Project Officer, Sustainable, Competitive and Responsible Enterprises (SCORE) joined the meeting on behalf of the ILO and Mr. Balu Iyer, Regional Director and Mr. P. Santosh Kumar, Program Manager represented ICA-AP. The meeting covered a range of topics from the ICA’s ongoing research on analysis of legal environments for co-operatives, its intervention on the Strategic Development Priority on Work & Ownership in co-operatives including discussions on platform co-operativism, the future of work narrative and the role of co-operatives in it among other things. The participants of the meeting also discussed statistics on co-operatives in the wake of ICA-AP’s intervention on mapping co-operative actors in the region and the joint workshop on women co-operatives slated for end of January 2019, under the #coops4dev project.