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The Go Green Campaign, was developed by the ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation (ICYC) in 2018, to highlight climate change. Young people from the cooperative ecosystem from 8 countries participated in the campaign to contribute towards the Sustainable Developmental Goal 13 - Climate Action.


Representative image of SDG 13.


In 2019, the campaign will collaborate with the Youth Network in Africa. Young people from cooperatives in Africa will take part in the campaign by planting trees in their homes, offices, parks and other public spaces. This will help create awareness about cooperatives and the efforts of  youth in the community. Local cooperatives are expected to innovatively engage young people in the campaign, who in turn will be doing their bit for the society and the environment.


The crux of the Go Green campaign is ‘ethical planting.’ The prerequisites are: know the ecological requirements of the area where the saplings will be planted; ensure  area receives ample sunlight and water; take care to ensure plants alien to area which could hamper the soil are not planted; and seek permission before planting in public spaces like schools or hospitals.


Those wishing to participate can easily access the instructions from the toolkit provided on the ICYC website.