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In order to enhance Uganda’s financial inclusion, especially to promote VSLA (Village Savings and Loan Association) to higher levels, KFCC organized a 11-day training workshop from 21st to 31st August 2017 to eight Ugandan delegates. The program consisted of lectures about the principles of the Association, the establishment and organization of savings groups, the role of governmental in the Saemaul Geumgo Movement, etc. The participants also visited Daesung Saemaul Geumgo and Waegwan Saemaul Geumgo. In particular, Waegwan Saemaul Geumgo has numerous old materials from the 1970s including accounting books. The   Daesung Saemaul Geumgo operates the business of collective purchase of chestnuts and a medical center, the operations of which the participants could directly witness. This helped them learn how Saemaul Geumgo’s operate and its contribution to the development of villages. In addition, the participants took part in discussions about what they needed to do for the implementation and promotion of Saemaul Geumgo Movement. During the weekend they experienced Korean culture of making Korean rice cake and performing Taekwondo. The participants formulated action plans which they will coordinate with the government and communities living in villages for the development of VSLAs. KFCC will provide continuous technical support for the development of Ugandan financial co-operatives.