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Taking forward our initiative on social media, Coops Speak, we had with Ms. Adleen Karajah, Executive Director of the Palestinian Agricultural Co-operative Union (PACU) join us on September 27. She took questions on Palestinian co-operatives’ role in SDGs, status of women co-operators in Palestine, as well as the role of youth in the Palestinian co-operative movement. It was an engaging discussion where       Ms. Karajah spoke of how she overcame initial resistance to her appointment on the PACU board. She said that women in co-operatives need to be able to speak their mind without hesitation. PACU has also been working towards ensuring gender equality by changing its by-laws to have women on its Board.


PACU is holding workshops in schools to persuade youth to join co-operatives, as the general trend right now for them is to graduate, and move away from their homes to find a suitable job and end up distancing themselves from the co-operatives, which their parents are part of. On the topic of legislations for co-operatives, Ms. Karajah informed us that the law is currently pending approval in the Parliament.


If you wish to read this and our previous conversations on Coops Speak, simply log onto Twitter and search for the hashtag #CoopsSpeak.