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The participants after receiving their certificates for the training.



The 3rd ICA-Japan Training Course on “Fostering Agricultural Cooperatives to Build Food Value Chain” was held in Japan from  August 19 to September 11, 2019. There were six  participants from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, The Philippines and Vietnam. The objective of the training course was to strengthen capacity of  agricultural , forestry and fisheries producers by building food value chains.


Ms. Savitri Singh, Program Director of ICA-AP, Mr. Kyohei Sugaya, officer in-charge of ICA-Japan project in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF), Mr. Chikara Sato, Senior Advisor of JA Zenchu and Mr. Masahiro Konno, Executive Director of IDACA attended the opening session and made welcome remarks.


The training focused on agricultural cooperatives in Japan and the topics covered were historical background, organisational and business activities, procurement, processing and distribution system. The presentation of country reports focused on collecting information around a particular subject and analysing the problems faced by farmers, agricultural communities, cooperatives and the governments. The participants prepared  course ‘Action Plans’  to be implemented  after returning to their respective countries. A core focus for MAFF is the impact of training on the participants and there was keen interest in the Action Plans of the participants and evaluation of the training. A team of four MAFF officials led by  Mr.  Takashi Hiranaka, Director and Mr. Takayoshi Kondo, Assistant Director  attended the Action Plan presentation and course evaluation sessions.


The closing ceremony was attended by Mr. Yasuyuki Kobayashi, Manager of the International Department of JA Zenchu, Ms. Savitri Singh, Mr. Masahiro Konno, and Mr. Takayoshi Kondo of MAFF. A certificate for successful completion of the course was awarded to the participants by Mr. Konno.