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The 12th annual meeting of the ICYC was held on October 12, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. The annual committee meeting is a requirement where members meet to discuss activities undertaken by the committee by and plan for the upcoming year. The meeting was attended by members from Karachi Cooperative Housing Society (KCHSU), Pakistan; AIMCoop, Philippines; and Iran Chamber of Cooperatives, Iran (ICC). Members from Nepal Agricultural Cooperative Central Federation Limited, Nepal and KOPINDO, Indonesia also virtually joined the meeting.


The Chairperson, Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur from KCHSU opened the meeting with his remarks on the activities undertaken by the committee such as the Go Green Workshop and Go Green Campaign 2.0 in collaboration with ICA Africa Youth Network to commemorate the International Mother Earth Day in April; and the global youth cooperative webinar to celebrate the International Youth Day in August. This was followed by brief country reports by the members present.   




ICYC Chairperson congratulating the new Vice Chairperson Mr. Alireza Banaeifar



During the course of the meeting, the members discussed the proposed changes to the Constitution of the committee; need for enhanced involvement and participation of ICYC members in committee activities and meetings; and activity plan for 2020. Election for the post of Vice-Chairperson was held in which Mr. Alireza Banaeifar from ICC contested and won.



The meeting was also attended by a few guests which included the former ICYC Secretary, Mr. Santosh Kumar who spoke about platform cooperatives and how youth can benefit from integrated tech-based business platforms. He mentioned that in 2017, ICA General Assembly passed a resolution calling on cooperators to explore the potential of platform cooperatives. He urged the ICYC members to participate in an ongoing survey on platform cooperatives which would help ICA determine interests at large in advancing platform cooperatives. Ms. Gemma Obeng from the Co-operative College UK informed the ICYC members about the upcoming Centenary Conference by Co-operative College in Rochdale from 26-28 November 2019. She touched upon the need  to redirect focus on youth cooperation for and by new generation, the future of work, role of youth in cooperatives and the role of cooperatives in educational institutions. Shree from ICA-AP who provides technical support to the committee, informed the members about the digital initiatives of ICYC such as Youtube Channel, Facebook and the ICYC website. He noted that these social media platforms are actively used by the committee to promote ICYC activities and to reach out to youth within and outside the cooperative movement.



The meeting culminated with the Chairperson recognising the contribution of Shree and distribution of certificates to the participants of the Go Green Campaign 2.0. The Go Green Campaign certificates were jointly presented by the ICYC Chairperson and Ms. Hilda Ojal, President ICA Africa Youth Network.


Mr. Cecile Jay Masanegra (AIMCoop), Mr. Alireza Banaeifar (ICC), Mr. Ahsan Ali Thakur (KCHSU), Ms. Simren Singh (ICA-AP), Mr. Ryan M. Huesca (AIMCoop)