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The 10th Co-operative Forum were held on November 28, 2018 in Tehran, Iran. The Forum on “Co-operatives help economies become more resilient and sustainable,” was co-organised by ICA-AP and the Iran Chamber of Co-operatives (ICC). The event brought together over 300 co-operative members, leaders, researchers, academicians and representatives of international agencies from across 17 countries, including Iran.



A participant asks a question during the Q&A session at the 10th Cooperative Forum


The Co-operative Forum is a biennial event which brings together partners and stakeholders to assess progress, discuss challenges and arrive at decisions to strengthen co-operative enterprises as models of sustainable development. The Forum was established in 2000 and is conducted regularly in conjunction with the Regional Assembly to take advantage of the presence of members and partners.


The 10th Forum showcased the contribution of co-operatives in helping economies become more resilient and sustainable, reviewed progress and gaps thereof and identified and discussed challenges that limit co-operatives in realising their full potential as sustainable business enterprises. Despite being recognised as builders of sustainability, co-operatives are constantly struggling to have an identity and conducive environment and are under persistent pressure to do more with less in today’s dynamic and complex economic and political scenario.


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