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Creating Linkages for Co-operative Business and Marketing in Arab Countries – sub-regional thematic seminar and networking meeting


The ICA-AP will organize a ‘sub-regional co-operative development meeting to enhance co-operative to co-operative linkages’ on 7-8 February in Dead Sea region, Jordan under the ICA-EU partnership on ‘co-operatives in development’. This meeting is being organized in collaboration with the Economic and Social Development Centre of Palestine (ESDC) and the Jordan Co-operative Corporation (JCC). The sub-regional co-operative development meeting in Jordan is to enhance linkages and networking activities of co-operative actors and to develop synergies in the areas of business, investment and trade that can result in the socio-economic growth of the individual members and communities, given the equitable nature of co-operative enterprises. The objectives of the meeting are to trigger potential synergies in development cooperation, build closer relationship with other civil society actors, and to institute a regional co-operative development network, to tackle priorities, policies and specificities. The meeting is designed to help participants share knowledge and practices from their national experience on development and co-operative business. The participation of the following countries is foreseen Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.  The meeting aims to achieve the results of the ICA-EU partnership agreement in terms of the formation of an effective sub-regional co-operative development network and contribute toward the targets of the SDGs, particularly goal number 17 –  Partnership for the Goals . For further details please contact Mr. Santosh Kumar at                                                

Event start date:
Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Event end date:
Wednesday, February 8, 2017
Venue: Jordan