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Central Asian co-operatives are based primarily on smallholders, peasant farms and household plots and produce most of the Gross Agricultural Output in the region. Small farmers face challenges of limited or no access for sales & marketing of products, supply chain for inputs and equipment and importantly, agricultural credit.  In order to allow strategic cooperation among co-operatives in the region, the ICA-AP, the Co-operative Union of Kyrgyzstan, the Japanese Consumer Co-operatives Union and the ICA-EU Partnership on Co-operatives in Development (Partnership) will organize a co-operative development platform in the form of a capacity building seminar to establish, develop and strengthen co-operative federations in central Asia at Plaza Hotel, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. The specific objectives of the seminar are - a.) Explore (& map) co-operatives in Central Asia, b) Network Co-operatives to 1.) Ease flow of technical inputs & information to scale up best practices and create of enabling environment for co-operatives to grow, c.) Identify and promote the role co-operatives can play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in central Asia.


ICA-EU Partnership, under its result area 3 – The technical, institutional and political capacity of the national federations is strengthened - envisages ICA-AP to act to enhancing its capacity in service delivery to members and in policy efforts. The well organized national federations play a crucial role in the local co-operative development through providing member services, technical assistance, research support, political representation and advocacy work. Over the last 50 years, many nations have undergone significant transition thereby affecting their respective co-operative movements. Such movements and indeed their national federations, need strengthening, in some other cases, co-operatives are struggling to set up their sectoral/national federations. Under the partnership ICA regional offices are expected to support the establishment of co-operatives into federations and their strengthening in a set of countries. The establishment and strengthening of federations is crucial today as co-operatives are being increasingly viewed at as development partners, and stronger structures and national representation are vital for their cohesive action for effective impact.


Co-operative Federations in central Asia that are expected to participate are - a.) Credit Union Association of Uzbekistan, b.) Union of Consumer Co-operatives, Republic of Kazakhstan, c.) Co-operative Union of Kyrgyzstan, d.) Union of Consumer Societies (TURKMENPOTREBSOYUZ), Turkmenistan, e.) Republic Union of Consumer Societies, Tajikistan along with International organizations such as FAO, ILO , EU Delegation to Kyrgyz Republic.


Event start date:
Thursday, June 29, 2017
Event end date:
Sunday, July 2, 2017
Venue: Kyrgyzstan