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Techincal Session -1

Session Chair: Dr. VeenaNabar

Stream: Banking


  1.  Sustainability of Cooperative Banks- An Examination of issues from Liquidity Risk Perspective 
    - Mr. Ajit Kumar
  2.  A Study on Sustainability of Urban Cooperative Banks by adopting Information and Communication Technology 
    - Mr. T. Swapna Chander
  3.  A study on Information Technology Security Implementation And User Awareness in Urban Cooperative Banks 
    - Mr. Yashwant S. Patil, Ms. Rajeshree Khande
  4.   Sustainable Social Capital: A comparative Study of Financial Cooperatives 
    - Mr. Peter Manson



Techincal Session - 2

Session Chair: Prof. Manju Singh

Stream: Climate Change, Environment


  1.  Climate change and Agricluture: Interface between cooperatives and local government for climate smart agriculture 
    - Mr. D. Rajasekhar, R. Manjula
  2.  Efforts of Cooperative Society Towards Climate Change Mitigation Through Afforestration on Wasteland 
    - Mr. S. P. Singh
  3. Tackling Delhi's Air Pollution: Role of Cooperatives 
    - Mr. Sanjay Kumar Verma
  4. Contribution of SFACL to mitigate the climate change through Biogas 
    - Ms. Rudra Bhattarai, Ms. Meena Pokhrel



Techincal Session - 3

Session Chair: Prof. Manju Singh

Stream: Climate Change, Environment


  1. Gender Equality and Women Empowerment- A case of Lijat Papad, Pune 
    - Ms. Shefali Pardeshi
  2.  Cooperatives Role in Empowering Women and Improving Gender Parity: The case of Indian Dairy Sector 
    - Jeemol Unni, Vivek Pandey, Pratik Modi and Shruti Sharma
  3. Sustainable Development of Women- The Dairy Cooperatives way 
    - Ms. Sudha Kornginnaya
  4. Role of Cooperative Dairy Movement in Gender Equality with refernce to Kolhapur District 
    - Mr. Anil Karanjkar
  5.  Exploring Enablers and Challenges to Women's Participation in Cooperatives 
    - Mr. Manju Singh, Ms. Mohika Singh
  6.  How women could access power and equality in cooperatives? A case study 
    - Ms. Anahita Eslahpazir, Seniramis Shahsmaeili



Techincal Session - 4

Session Chair: Prof. L.K. Vaswani

Stream: Food Security


  1. Cooperative Management, Food Security and Amma Unavagam- A Case Study from the Indian State of Tamil Nadu 
    - Ms. Mani Arul Nandhi
  2. Cooperatives in Achieving Food Security and Sustainable Development: Indian Experience 
    - Mr .X.L.X. Wilson
  3. Rethinking Cooperatives for Sustainable Development: Insights from Vasudhara Dairy and Dharani Organic Cooperatives 
    - Mr. C. Shambu Prasad
  4. Do Co-operatives Fail to Sustain Due to Inherennt Structural Limitations? A case study Approach To Ascertain Factors Affecting Co-operative Sustainability 
    -Mr. Venkatesha HP

Techincal Session - 5

Session Chair: Mr. Ajit Kumar

Stream: Marketing/ Workers' Cooperatives



  1.  Prospering Rural Artisans- A Comparative Study on Pottery Artisans in Madurai and Manamadurai, Tamil Nadu 
    - Ms. S. V. Akilandeeswari C. Pitchai
  2. Business Model of Dinesh Beedi Woker's Central Co-operative Society: A study with reference to Sustainable Employment 
    - Mr. V. N. Babu
  3. The possibility of a farm direct market in Asia- A consideration about "local production for local consumption" 
    - Shinri Murakami
  4. Cooperative Tea Factories: A Panaccea for the Small Tea Growers in Nigiris District, Tamil Nadu 
    - C. Pitchai, Ms. S. V. Akilandeeswari 
  5. Cooperative Marketing Society And Agrepreneuship: A Model For Sustainable Development 
    - Mr. A.K . Asthana
  6. The New Challenges of Agricultural Cooperatives Development in Thailand 
    - Juthatip, Saisuda Tanrattanphong



Techincal Session - 6

Session Chair: Prof. Paranjothi

Stream: Leadership/Law/ Tribal Health



  1. Green microfinance for the base of the pyramid market: A cooperative response to address the needs of vulnerable population and climate change impacts in Peru 
    - Lucia Veronica Granados Martinez, Silva, C. Ibarcena R.
  2. Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship; Purposive Credit Development by Souhardha Cooperatives in Karnataka
    - Dr. Y. Dongre
  3.  Ensuring Sustainable Consumption and Production PATTERNS. A case study of Tribal Village 
    - Ms. Shefali Pardeshi
  4.  Sustainable Development through Health Care Scheme- A study of Cooperative Societies of Karnataka 
    - Bourisetti Kishor, Sanjib kumar Hota



Event start date:
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Event end date:
Tuesday, November 15, 2016
Venue: Hotel Ashok, New Delhi,...