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Mr. Li Chunsheng - Chairman, ICA-Asia Pacific
Mr. Li Chunsheng is the President of ICA Asia-Pacific and the Vice President of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Co-operatives (ACFSMC), hold the rank of a Deputy Minister. He, during his long period of service, worked with Helihe farm in Heilongjiang Province, HRD Department of the office of the Deputy Director General of Forest Affairs, Second and First Secretary and Division Chief of the State Council and Division Chief of the Fourth division of the Second Secretariat of the State Council. Worked as Secretary at the General Office of the State Council, became Deputy Secretary General of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Co-operatives, then became the Deputy Secretary General and Director of Farm inputs bureau, Director and Secretary General of International Co-operation Department and finally the Vice President of ACFSMC.He took over as the ICA President for Asia-Pacific and Vice President for ICA, Global, from Mr. Mu Li, which was endorsed by the ICA Regional Assembly, held at Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 18 August, 2006                                 

H. A.M. Nurdin Halid - Vice Chairman, ICA-Asia Pacific

Mr. Halid Was born on 17th November 1958 in Watampone, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. He  Graduated  in 1982 from Institute of Teaching and Education. He started his career with cooperatives more than 20 years ago and since then worked with several organizations in various capacities , mainly at leadership level.. A.M. He has been elected as  President of Dewan Koperasi Indonesia (DEKOPIN) or the Indonesian Cooperative Council for a period of 4 years from 2010-2014. He has also served at the position during 1999 - 2004  as.President of DEKOPIN. Following are some other  prominent organizations he has served :

1998 Chairman of Indonesian Distribution Cooperative
1998 - 2003 Chairman of National Federation of Village Unit Cooperatives
1987 - 1988 Chief of Representative office of Sidrap District Cooperatives
1991 - 1992 Deputy Director of Hasanudin Provincial Village Unit Cooperatives
1992 - 1997 President Director of Hasanudin Provincial Village Unit Cooperatives
1997 - 1998 Vice Chairman of Hasanudin Provincial Village unit Cooperative of South Sulawesi
2003 - 2011 President of Indonesian Football Association (PSSI)
1997 - 2002 Member of Indonesian House of Representatives
1990 - 2000 Commissioner of Central Organization



Dr. Chandra Pal Singh Yadav - Vice Chairman, ICA-Asia Pacific
Born on 19th March, 1959 in village Dakor, Jaloun District, Uttar Pradesh in a family of freedom fighters and agriculturists, Dr. Chandra Pal Singh Yadav, elected as President of National Cooperative Union of India on 18th March, 2010, for a term of 5 years, holds M.Sc., B.Ed., L.L.B. and Ph. D. degrees. He has been a front line leader of the Cooperative Movement for over two decades and devoted his life to the cause of farmers, dalits, poor and down trodden people. Widely traveled, he has richly contributed to the cooperative movement at national and international fora. Presently, he is also the Vice Chairman of Krishak Bharti Cooperative Ltd. (KRIBHCO) . In addition, Dr. Yadav is also representing on the Boards of many International, National, State and District Level cooperative organizations. His contribution towards training, education and capacity building for cooperatives has been praiseworthy. As a Member of Parliament from Jhansi constituency in the 14th Lok Sabha during 2004 – 2009, Dr. Yadav performed his duties with aplomb, poise and dignity and served in Parliamentary Committee on Estimates, Energy and Local Area Network Scheme, enriched their proceedings with his long and varied experience. Dr. Yadav has also been a member of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh. He was also Chairman of Bundel Khand Vikas Nigam of Uttar Pradesh. Dr. Singh has been taking special interest in the development of new and innovative techniques of increasing productivity in the agriculture sector. Suave, articulate and thoroughbred, his is a many splendoured personality. He is associated with various educational and social organizations. Connoisseur of art and culture, his other interests include sports and gardening. Being son of the soil, the Cooperative Movement looks towards him with lot of expectations in his new role.




Mr. Akira Banzai was elected as President of the Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives (JA-ZENCHU) by its General Assembly in August 2011 replacing Mr. Mamoru Moteki, ICA Board Member.  Mr. Banzai used to be a farmer with 1.5 ha paddy field and began his career in the cooperative movement in 1993 and a board member.  He quickly moved into leadership positions in a primary society and a union and federations.  He is Chairperson of Japan Joint Committee of Cooperatives (JJC) which consists of 14 Japanese ICA members; Chairperson of Central Cooperative Bank for Agriculture and Forestry (NORINCHUKIN Bank); and President of the Institute for Development of Agricultural Cooperation in Asia (IDACA).




Ms. Amneris Gozun Gabriel – Philippines


MS. AMNERIS GOZUN GABRIEL resides at # 24 Gabriel St., Palico II, Imus, Cavite, Philippines. Born on the 2nd of November 1960. Single and a B.achelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering  graduate. She has completed a degree in Masters in Management, Major in Public Administration. She is also a graduate of the 10th Air Traffic Control Course, worked as an En-route Air Traffic Controller at the Manila Area Control Center, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).


She became the Course Supervisor of the Basic Air traffic Control Training Course from 2006-2011. A Gender And Development Trainor. And presently designated as the Acting Chief, Airspace and Flight Procedure Design Division of the Air Traffic Service, CAAP.


She has been with the cooperative for more than 20 years. She is presently the Chairperson of the Philippine Air traffic Controllers’ Multi-Purpose Cooperative (PATCOMC), a primary cooperative and also the chair of the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO) in the Philippines.


Mr. Won-Byung Choi
Mr. Won-Byung Choi, Chairman of National Agricultural Co-operative Federation (NACF) has been elected as a Member of the ICA Regional Standing Committee (ICA Regional Board for Asia-Pacific). He has also been elected as a member of the ICA Global Board of Directors. We wish all the very best to Mr. Choi and we hope his election to the Regional and Global Boards of ICA would enhance co-operative development efforts of ICA in our Region.


Mr. Bandu Ranawaka
Mr. Bandu Ranawaka was elected President of the National Cooperative Council of Sri Lanka for a period, at the Tri-annual General Assembly of the National Cooperative Council of Sri Lanka.  Mr. Ranawaka is a veteran cooperator with many years of experience of cooperation in various fields. He is the Chairman of Kotapola Multi Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd, which was judged the best Multi Purpose Cooperative Society for the last five consecutive years. He is a well-known social worker from the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.


Dr. Mohd Ali Baharum – MALAYSIA
Professor emeritus Dr. Mohd Ali Baharum holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Law from the University of Essex, London. He has held the position of Deputy President of ANGKASA since 1995. Dr. Mohd Ali has been active in the cooperative movement since 1993 and has held the position of Chairperson of the Consumer Cooperative Consortium since 1996. He was the President of the Islamic Youth Cooperative of Malaysia from 1993 to 2000. In addition, he is also the Board Member of Cooperative College of Malaysia. Prior to this, he was the Board Member of the Cooperative Housing Union Ltd (1997-2000) and Board Member of Bank Rakyat (1997-2000).


Mr. Chan Tee Seng – SINGAPORE
Mr. Chan Tee Seng is the Chairman of the Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF), which represents the Co-operative Movement in Singapore. Mr. Chan is concurrently the CEO of the NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited, which is the largest single provider of quality and affordable childcare in Singapore. Mr. Chan had served in the Administrative Service of the Ministry of National Development, Government of Singapore. He was previously the Director of NTUC Skills Development and the General Manager of NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative.


Mr. Dao Xuan Can- VIETNAM
Dr. Nguyen Tien Quan is the President of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA) since 2003. He holds a doctorate degree in economics. He is also a Member of Presidium of the Central Committee of the Fatherland Front of Vietnam and the National Assembly of Vietnam besides being the President of Young Entrepreneurs Association of Vietnam. He has held many high-ranking positions in various ministries of the Government of Vietnam prior to the present position of VCA President


Mr. Vitoon  Naewpanit

Mr. Vitoon  Naewpanit, a 55 - year old former taxi driver to a top cooperative leader in Thailand, established a taxi cooperative specifically designed and targeted to improve the livelihood of the drivers migrated from the rural farmers to city like Bangkok. Almost all drivers hire their taxi from the private companies with quite high rates. He has indeed rich and varied experiences and knowledge treasure that he possesses in beneficiary of taxi cooperative such as initiative to use of taxi mobile or call center of 1661, “Need a taxi please call 1661”. He launched an excellent initiative program to help the rice farmer by “Sale the rice in the taxi”. The passengers can easily buy the rice inside the taxi. This means to save costs of transportation, shopping times, lastly, it is directly helped the rural farmers to distribution their products. Originally, he is Chairman of Siam Taxi Cooperative Ltd. and Chairman of National Federation of Transportation Cooperative Services of Thailand Ltd. He is also the chairperson of Foundation of Friend’s Taxi Drivers’ Club. He recently posted the Chairman of CLT in 2006. He upgraded to graduate MINI MBA of Chulalongkorn University. He is the founder and General Secretary of political party namely, Machimadhibhatai Party. He has been a candidate for Member of Parliament of Bangkok, area 7. He has been joined as Advisory Team to Minister of Commerce in 2009 – 2011. He, presently, is on deputation as Advisor in National Security Council. He has travelled to several countries to closer relation and cooperation with many business partners. He represented to join the IFAP World Farmers’ Congress in Seoul, Korea in 2006. Mr. Vitoon Naewpanit was voted be the next Chairman of CLT since 21 June 2011, replaced Dr. Chalermpol Dulsamphant as his office term retirement. We share with his concerns and commits to continuously increase the international cooperation.