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8. 26. 1997 enacted

9. 5. 2010 amended

1. Name and Status

This body shall be called the Asia-Pacific Health Co-operative Organization (APHCO). It has the

status of a representative organization of health co-operatives in the Asia-Pacific region.

2. Role and Structure

The APHCO is a voluntary association of consumer (user) - owned health co-operatives which

seek to provide high-quality and cost-effective health care, of producer (provider) - owned health

co-operatives which are based on ethical working conditions, conditions and of the integrated

health co-operative organizations.

3. Objectives

1) To promote the development of health co-operatives in the Asia-Pacific region

2) To provide a forum for the discussion to its member organizations and work for mutual

exchange and solidarity among them

3) To provide information about member organizations, health and medical care, and activities

of the APHCO to its member organizations and other affiliated organizations

4) To collaborate with other organizations within the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA),

including the International Health Co-operative Organization (IHCO).

4. Membership

1) Membership shall be open to co-operative organizations which have, as their main objectives,

the provision of health services to their members or the provision of related services to selfemployment

for health professionals or the integration of consumers’ and producers’ health

co-operatives in a first or higher degree co-operative structure.

2) Educational and research institutions which promote activities of health co-operatives or

health services are also eligible for membership.

3) Associate membership status is available for co-operatives whose main operations are not

health services but related services.

4) Members and associate members shall normally be national or regional organizations, except

in countries where these structures do not exist.

5. General Meeting

1) The APHCO shall convene a General Meeting (GM) of members every two years.

Extraordinary GMs may be convened upon decision of the APHCO Board, and be called at

the request of two-third of the APHCO’s affiliated organizations.

2) A quorum for the GM is formed by a majority of delegates. The agenda shall be circulated at

least six weeks before the meeting.

3) The GM shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and four other Board members.

4) Based on the Board subscription formula, each full member organization shall be entitled to

one, two or three delegates with one, two or three voting rights with a maximum three

delegates with three voting rights.

5) In order to maintain an appropriate equilibrium among or within members’ countries, the

total number of votes per country shall be established five. And three votes for organizations


on a regional or local level.

6) Associate members may attend the GM without voting rights.

7) Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority of votes. The Chairperson shall have a casting


8) The GM shall approve the reports on the APHCO’s activities, finance, work programme and


6. Board

1) The Board shall consist of a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons, and three other Board


2) A Meeting of the Board shall be called at least once per year by the Chairperson.

3) The Board shall approve the admission of new members.

4) The Board shall decide upon a subscription formula.

5) The Board shall provide the GM with reports on the APHCO's activities and finance, work

programme and budget, and shall seek to implement any resolutions passed by the GM.

7. Board Members

1) The APHCO shall elect a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson and other Board members for a

two-year term. Re-election shall be permitted.

2) The Chairperson is the chief representative of the APHCO and shall provide organizational

leadership of the APHCO. The Chairperson shall preside over the General Meeting and

Board of the APHCO.

3) The Vice-Chairperson shall assist and support the Chairperson in every possible way. The

Vice-Chairperson shall act in the absence of the Chairperson.

4) The Board members shall participate in the management of the APHCO. Vacancies shall be

filled through election by the Board for the remainder of the original term of office.

8. Secretariat

1) A Secretary shall be appointed at the Board. The Secretary shall conduct organizational affairs

according to the decisions of the Board, and shall provide the Board with the reports on the

APHCO’s activities and the state of finance.

2) The Secretariat shall be located where the Board decides.

9. Finance

1) The APHCO shall be financed by the subscription payments of its members and associate

members, based on a subscription formula decided by the Board. A share of expenses and a

contribution may be sought for special activities.

2) The financial year shall be the calendar year.

3) Expenses incurred through attendance at meetings shall be borne by the member


4) Funds to cover the expenses of the Secretariat shall be included in the biennial budget, which

is presented by the Board for approval of the GM.

10. Dissolution

1) The APHCO may be dissolved by a three-quarters majority of votes at the GM.

2) The Board shall be in charge of financial issues after the APHCO’s dissolution.

11. Implementation and Amendments

The Rules shall come into effect upon their approval at the founding meeting of the members of

the APHCO. They may be amended by a two-thirds majority of votes at the GM